Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do You Think Logic .....?


Aha..the economic recession. It bursts everywhere. Not everyone crying out loud of how to maintain their emotions and financial backup. Its not likely to crush your cards due to economic crash. As one of our financial assistant? Patience what we need or what are the administrative governments for.

Think logic.

Planning to buy gift cards?
Limit your risk

Despite gift cards' current issues, Tower Group analyst Brian Riley intends to give them as holiday presents, but he'll only use a select few, solid retailers. He'll also request that recipients use them ASAP.

Here are a few more tips to limit your risk when buying a gift card:

  • Follow the news: Even if you're convinced your favorite retailer is solid, pay attention to its business anyway. You don't have to analyze its quarterly earnings statement, but you may want to follow news about layoffs, store closings and cash-flow problems.
  • Pay with a credit card: You'll have a better chance of recouping your money if the worst happens.
  • Consider mall cards: Shopping centers offer cards good for use at any of its stores. That reduces the risk if any one store tanks. But you should also keep an eye on the mall owner for business problems. Some mall developers are selling their properties because of faltering financials.
  • Consider bank-sponsored gift cards: Sales of cards issued by a bank or credit card company such as Visa and MasterCard are on the rise because they can be used nearly anywhere and for anything, even gas and groceries. The downside is that fees, expiration dates and nonuse penalties can reduce the balance.
Have a good planning and good luck.


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